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About 2,500 motorcyclists are killed every year. However, at least 10 times that many suffer serious injuries that often result in permanent harm or disabilities.

At Easley & Houseal, PLLC, our St. Francis County motorcycle accident attorneys have helped victims throughout Arkansas recover following a collision. No matter what the circumstances of your accident or how serious your medical situation, we are ready to step in and become an advocate on your behalf.

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Accidents Between Motorcycles & Cars

In many motorcycle accidents that involved the driver of another vehicle, the fault rested with the other party. Unfortunately, drivers often fail to see or notice motorcycle riders and therefore cause accidents. Experienced motorcyclists often say that it's as though drivers are "blind" to motorcycles.

The most common types of motorcycle and automobile accidents include:

  • A driver striking a motorcyclist while going through an intersection
  • A driver making a sudden merge on the highway and striking a motorcyclist
  • A driver fails to check blind spots

In other motorcycle accident cases, a road defect or damage can cause the rider to lose control of their bike. In such cases, we may be able to pursue a claim against the city for poor maintenance of the road.

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get Into Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017 there were over 8.7 million registered motorcycles in the country. In the last decade, an average of 5,000 motorcyclists are killed in motorcycle crashes and approximately 89,000 motorcyclists are injured. With high numbers like this, it's no question that getting into an accident as a motorcycle driver is far more dangerous than getting into a car accident.

Motorcycle Helmet Law

Arkansas is one of the few states that does not require all motorcycle drivers to wear a helmet. Both drivers and passengers under the age of 21 are required to wear a helmet, but if you are over 21, you are not legally required to wear one. The NHTSA additionally reports that helmets saved over 1,800 lives in 2017 alone. While it may not be legally required, it is in your best interest to wear a DOT approved helmet any time you are riding a motorcycle.

Managing the High Price of Your Injuries

When you’ve been hurt, your medical bills can pile up. Rehabilitation and treatment often come at a great cost. Added to this, you may be required to take time off work to recover, causing a loss of wages that can seriously impact your ability to pay your everyday expenses or support your family or loved ones.

Easley & Houseal, PLLC has been very successful in obtaining large settlements for victims of motorcycle accidents. If a motorcycle accident has affected either your life or the life of a loved one, it is extremely important to consult a St. Francis County motorcycle accident injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

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