Insurance Claim Disputes Are Insurance Companies Minimizing or Denying Your Claim?

Insurance Claim Disputes

Are Insurance Companies Minimizing or Denying Your Claim?

When policyholders submit a claim to their insurance company, they have the expectation that the company will act in good faith, treat them with fairness and respect, and honor the validity of the claim. However, insurance is a business and insurance companies reap higher profits by minimizing or denying certain claims. Unfortunately, they often delay or side step a perfectly legitimate claim in order to deny it. When this occurs, do you know where to turn to?

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If you feel like your claim has been treated unfairly by the insurance company, you still have legal options to obtain justice. Having the right St. Francis County insurance claim dispute attorneys in your corner as you battle with an insurance company can make all the difference in your case.

Without proper legal counsel, you could walk away empty-handed after a serious accident. At Easley & Houseal, PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge to properly protect your rights and represent your interests.

Is your insurance claim being undervalued or denied from one of the following accidents?

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Many times, insurance companies will send trained professionals to come to the accident scene as soon as the incident occurs. Are you prepared to deal with them as they assess the situation and start collecting information to either grant or deny your claim?

Our team of St. Francis insurance claim dispute lawyers at Easley & Houseal, PLLC can work to make sure that the insurance company acts fairly and your claim is not unjustly denied or undervalued. We have won millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years and are well-prepared to go up against major insurance companies on your behalf.

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