What is a Truck’s No-Zone?

What is a Truck’s No-Zone?

Trucks are long, tall, and cumbersome. Because of this, they also have terrible visibility. A truck’s blind spots are so bad that they have a specific name, the no-zone. The "no zone" is a truck's blind spot. While all vehicles have blind spots, a commercial truck's blind spots are much larger, spanning 20 feet in front of their vehicle and 30 feet behind.

Truck drivers cannot see anything in their no-zone. They need to be constantly vigilant, always scanning their mirrors. If they stop scanning for a single moment on a busy highway, they might miss someone merging in front of them or alongside them.

No-Zone Infographic

Here’s what you can expect from a truck’s no-zone. Try to remember where a truck’s blindspots are next time you drive alongside one.

Safe Passing

Some trucks have a sign on the back of their trailer that reads: “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” That’s only a half-truth. As you can see from the diagram, trucks can’t see what’s directly alongside them due to their height. For that reason, you should try to pass a truck as quickly as possible and avoid driving alongside their trailer. The sooner you get past their cab, the better chance the driver has of seeing you.

Truck drivers also have difficulty seeing what’s directly ahead of them and behind them. They have no rear-view mirror and their seat is so high off the ground that they can’t see smaller vehicles directly in front of them. To avoid getting rear-ended by a truck driver, make sure you merge a good distance ahead of them, usually far enough that you can see the whole truck in your rearview mirror.

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