Parking Lot Accidents Explained

Parking Lot Accidents Explained

Anxious shoppers, oblivious pedestrians, overloaded carts, and stressed drivers have something in common. They all contribute to parking lot accidents. When stressed out drivers meet dozens of pedestrians on a busy Saturday morning at the supermarket, accidents are bound to happen.

A majority of these accidents are caused by drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. That’s why drivers should be extra cautious in crowded parking lots. Even at low speeds, a quick glance at a cellphone could result in a tragedy.

Tips for Pedestrians

As soon as you step out of your vehicle, you become much harder to spot in a parking lot. Increasing visibility and moving quickly can help you minimize your chances of getting injured in a parking lot accident; additionally:

  • Get In and Get Out - Don’t spend time chatting near your car with your friends after your shopping session. Don’t stand next to your car and text. The less time you spend on foot in a parking lot, the better it is for your safety.

  • Move predictably - Making yourself visible is crucial for your safety. Always use designated crosswalks, don’t walk through parking spots, and don’t weave through cars unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Stay Alert: Don’t be the person who walks in the middle of the parking lot. Clear the way for cars and remain aware of traffic and cars pulling out.

  • Remain Focused - Distractions may cause harm to both drivers and pedestrians. Keep your eyes on your surroundings, not your cellphone. Doing so will allow you to react quickly to any hazards.

Tips for Drivers

Drivers should also take extra precautions in parking lots. The unpredictability of other vehicles suddenly reversing and pedestrians stepping into the road makes driving in a parking lot far more stressful and dangerous than driving on a normal street.

  • Put the Distractions Away- There are more than 60,000 parking lot accidents each year and many of those are linked to distracted driving. Any driving distraction increases the risk of causing an accident, but the high pedestrian traffic and confined spaces of a parking lot only increase the dangers, despite lower speeds.

  • Take What You Can Get - Parking on a weekend morning is a nightmare, and is one of the leading causes of road rage. Don’t spend an excessive amount of time looking for the “perfect spot;” it will only make you more frustrated.

Injured in an Accident Caused by Negligence? We Can Help

While these tips may give you the best chance of staying safe during your next trip to the store, the unfortunate truth is that anyone can be involved in an accident due to the negligent actions of others.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, our team at Easley & Houseal can help. Give us a call today (870) 330-0015 or contact us online to get started on your free case evaluation.


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