Why High Speed Crashes Are Deadlier

Why High Speed Crashes Are Deadlier

The Issue With Speeding

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 25 people are killed in speeding-related crashes per day. Despite speed limits being imposed and police departments routinely patrolling highways, this remains a pervasive issue.

Similar to other forms of aggressive driving, speeding can elevate any driver into a dangerous zone. Combine this with other hazards such as distracted or drunk driving, and it is a recipe for disaster. These get particularly reckless when driving at speeds greater than 100 mph.

High-Speed Crash Deadliness

One of the many reasons why it's dangerous to drive at speeds greater than 100 mph is that it makes it generally harder to operate vehicles for the average person. This means that the possibility of losing control of your car is already increased at this point. Along with that, the force of impact is much greater at higher speeds.

The Science Behind These Fatalities

If you recall from science classes growing up, Newton's Second Law of Motion describes the relationship between force and acceleration (force = mass * acceleration). In simplest terms, if acceleration is smaller, the force applied will also be smaller. Let's break it down further:

One of the most common vehicles in Arkansas is a Nissan Altima, which tends to have a mass of about 1963 kg. If you are driving at 100 mph (44.704 meters per second) and hit something (car, wall, etc.), causing a complete stop in half a second - your vehicle exerts 1,755,079 Newtons on that object. This is equivalent to about 91 times the car's weight.

This is why crashes at higher speeds are so much deadlier. The vehicle is putting a significant amount of force on another, leading to rollovers, injuries from direct impacts, and even death.

Injured in a High-Speed Crash? We Can Help.

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