Who’s Guilty: The Manufacturer or the Supplier?

Who’s Guilty: The Manufacturer or the Supplier?

In defective product cases, it’s easy for those who have suffered an injury to point the finger at one
particular party and believe that they were responsible, no matter the factors. However, it’s not always
so cut and dry and there are often other factors that need to be considered.
The legal matters could come down to whether the manufacturer or supplier should be held
accountable—or if there are situations in which both hold some liability. Here are some important
things to consider.

When the Manufacturer Is Liable

The manufacturer is most often accountable when they design a product in a dangerous manner,
produce a product with a defect, or fail to warn about potential dangers. Any of these can be seen as a
negligent act and the manufacturer may be held liable for any damages caused.

When the Supplier Is Liable

If a product or good makes it to the supplier in a safe condition, but something happens on location that
presents a danger, the supplier may be considered negligent if a consumer is harmed. This is common in
situations involving food or beverages with expiration dates. They are manufactured safely, but if the
supplier allows a product to sell following an expiration date and the consumer gets ill, the supplier is

When Can Both Be Liable?

It’s not as common for both the manufacturer and supplier to be held accountable, but there are
situations where this may exist. For instance, if the manufacturer had a defect in design or production,
or a failure to warn, and the supplier knew of the hazard but still sold it to the public, they may both be
held accountable legally.

At Easley & Houseal, we know that this can be complex. We go the extra mile to help you understand
what can be done if you’ve sustained injuries as a result of a defective product. We can help determine
who should be held accountable and the most effective way to move forward.
Our Arkansas defective product attorneys are here to guide you throughout the entire process,
protecting your rights and best interests every step of the way. Count on our team to advocate on your

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