Common Products with Defects On the Market

Common Products with Defects On the Market

When products go on the market, anything that goes wrong with them officially becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer. While there are plenty of safe products out there, others are not so much and can cause serious injuries to users when things are defective.

Unfortunately, there are some items that are more likely to have a defect than others as shown by history. These items are popular and typically recalled more often because of the issues that may arise. Here are some of the products that commonly have defects.

Cars and Parts

You may hear all the time about how vehicles are recalled for particular problems such as failed brakes, failed steering systems, or other issues that may arise. Electronic systems in the vehicle go bad or wiring is not up to par, presenting potential hazards to those on the road.

Another major problem arising in recent years have been faulty airbags and their potential to work incorrectly. One situation alone required the recall of roughly 37 million vehicles in the United States alone because of the injuries being caused.


While this may be looked at differently, medication is still considered a product and the adverse side effects can be damaging to the person taking the medication. Some pharmaceutical companies have been subjected to lawsuits from individuals who have been affected by prescribed use.

Children’s Toys

Think about the toys your children have or those you had as a child. How many times did they break despite normal use? How many times did sharp edges exist? Unfortunately, these all pose hazards to children and the manufacturer may be held accountable.

Our Arkansas defective product lawyers work hard to help those who have suffered injuries due to a problem with a product. When you sustain harm, know that you have specific rights to help move forward and pursue justice after the injury.

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