How Can I Tell an Item Is Safe?

How Can I Tell an Item Is Safe?

When it comes to dangerous products, many individuals are unaware of what is safe and what isn’t. They purchase items without second-guessing, often putting themselves or loved ones at risk. Here are some of the serious dangers that may exist for consumers and ways to find out if an item is safe.

Check for Potential Recalls

Recalls are often put out by the government, indicating that a particular item is unsafe for use because of one or more defects. The list is published publicly so consumers can access them and determine what could be wrong with the potential item.

When an item is recalled, it means that there were enough reports of hazards that the product became a danger, thus forcing it to be pulled from the market.

Be Sure Materials are Safe

Some materials are unsafe for use on certain items. For instance, if a child’s toy is made with lead paint, it could potentially come off and if ingested by the child, could pose significant health problems.

Similarly, an item that may be flammable without proper warning could be misused and catch fire. If there’s no warning of the flammable material, the manufacturer may be liable for any damages caused.

Also, it’s important to know if building materials have asbestos in them. When friable, this fiber poses numerous threats to the health of the individual who ingests it, with a latency period of 10 to 40 years. This could cause mesothelioma, an often-terminal form of cancer.

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