After An Accident Don’t Panic. Call Our St. Francis County Personal Injury Lawyers

What You Should Do After an Accident

Don’t Panic. Call Our St. Francis County Personal Injury Lawyers.

Being in an accident can alter your life for years to come. No matter what the circumstances or who was involved, accidents can lead to severe injuries, expensive property damage, and lasting mental, physical, and financial stress.

There are steps you can take to protect your future. These include:

  • Seeking immediate medical attention or calling 911
  • Documenting the scene of the accident with photos, written reports, and witness statements
  • Making sure your doctor takes thorough notes of all your injuries
  • Obtaining the other party’s information, including name, license number, and insurance information
  • Contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer to help file a claim for compensation

At Easley & Houseal, PLLC, we take the time to investigate the circumstances behind your accident and work hard on behalf of victims. We never represent large corporations or insurance companies and have an outstanding reputation with the local courts, judges, physicians, and other attorneys.

If you’ve been hurt, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Representing Your Best Interests

Whether you need help in or out of court, it is important that you have skilled legal representation on your side. The costs and expense of a major accident can quickly pile up, adding to your everyday expenses and creating a situation that may be extremely overwhelming.

At Easley & Houseal, PLLC, we worry about the legal aspects of your claim so you can focus on healing. We’ve represented clients throughout Arkansas and have collected one of the largest personal injury punitive damage awards given in the state’s history. Our outstanding reputation can be an asset to your case.

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After an accident, call our experienced personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. This can help ensure that you are well taken care of throughout the entire legal process and that we can start building your claim with the best possible information and evidence at hand.

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